And then I was like

We pass along gifs like trading cards to communicate how we feel — they’ve created a visual vocabulary everyone can relate to, and that’s great. But most gifs on the internet serve up the same pop culture references again and again.

We thought it’d be interesting to make gifs a more participatory medium where you can quickly record and share your own reactions — a moving selfie in seconds.



Bikeable is a Chrome extension that displays bike share info closest to you, including NYC CitiBikes, Chicago Divvy bikes, and SF’s Bay Area BikeShare. is a web application I released in 2009 that allows you to create, listen to, learn about, and share playlists quickly and easily.


Music Plus

Music Plus is a Chrome extension for Google Music, the streaming music service from Google. Currently has ~65,000 users.



Texter is a robust text replacement application designed to save you countless keystrokes on repetitive text. Aside from simple text replacement, Texter also allows for more advanced scripting.



Belvedere is an automated file management tool designed to help you keep your desktop or any other folder on your hard drive organized and under control.


Internet Shame Insurance

Internet Shame Insurance is a very simple Google Chrome extension that adds privacy reminders to Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail to help you avoid the most common online communication faux pas.



Rocker is a mouse navigation tool that lets you “rock” your mouse buttons to move forward and backward in a variety of applications—such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer, etc.


Swept Away

Swept Away is a simple system tray utility that automatically minimizes applications that you aren’t using.



ClickWhen lets you set up an automated mouse click to run on a window after a user-defined period of time.



Instantly blank out your desktop and focus on your currently active app with Dropcloth.