I'm blogging again

Hi internet! I’ve got news:

I’m blogging again!

I haven’t written anything on you longer than 140 characters since I left Lifehacker at the beginning of this year, and while you may not have noticed my absence, I certainly have, and I’ve missed you. I’ve considered doing some freelance writing, but to do that, I’d have to write something a publication is certain its readers will care about. That’s not what this blog is.

Instead, this is a blog in the early-2000s sense. A personal blog. I hope that you’ll find a lot of it interesting, but ultimately the focus will be on “things Adam is interested in.” Maybe we’ll find some overlap!

Here are three promises I make to you, internet reader, should you choose to read the occasional post here:

  • I won’t break news, but I may write a thoughtful post about something happening in technology or culture, and you might feel compelled to share it along with some words of praise, like “smart take.” I won’t make fun of you for resorting to a Twitter cliché; that’s a super nice thing to say, and anyway, I’ll be thrilled you liked it!
  • I won’t clog your newsreader (which is what we call them again because you can’t use Google Reader anymore) with hundreds of posts a week. I plan on writing roughly one post every week, so you can subscribe to my feed (sorry, my feed is currently dead) without considering it a serious commitment.
  • From time to time I may say something stupid. Sorry about that. I promise that at the time I wrote it, I thought it was a previously mentioned “smart take,” or at least thought there was some truth to what I was saying. I’ll try to do better next time.

You know how some people write posts on Facebook, Tumblr, and even Medium? This is exactly like that, except it’s owned by me and served from the adampash.com domain. Your browser will never notice the difference!

Got feedback? Send an email to [first.last] at gmail.com or tweet @adampash.